About us

Puralab is a small company based in Central Europe, in Prague, the Czech Republic. We are a small yet constantly expanding company which can offer a wide array of services and expertise.

We specialize in custom chemical synthesis and R&D, be sure to check out our catalog where we have displayed most of the products which we have developed since our company’s inception.

We also offer a wide spectrum of analytical and consultancy services, especially in the field of waste and environmental management, biogas production, the maintenance of a landfill and landfill gases, etc...

In addition, Puralab has recently been granted ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means that our company has implemented a quality management system in which all processes and procedures have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international standards.


Our group of experts, seasoned professionals from both the scientific and industrial fields, are all working towards bringing the latest research and our customers´ visions to reality. Be sure to contact us for any further inquiries.

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