High purity inorganics

Our company is engaged in the production of highly pure and inorganic chemicals (High purity inorganics). We are also able to offer custom synthesis or precious metal compounds or organic complexes. These chemicals have a wide range of uses such as electronics, semiconductors, material engineering, catalysis, and trace analysis. In this field, we build on the experience of Mr. Ing. Lubomír Moc, who has been involved in custom-made chemicals throughout his life. He is also the holder of several patents. We develop its experience and portfolio of products and we strive to move forward. The products we offer include, in essence, the entire periodic table and, thanks to a wide range of suppliers, we are able to offer truly comprehensive services. Our main advantage is the flexibility we can meet your requirements. We are able to adjust the chemicals in packs from units of grams to hundreds of kilograms, or pack them under inert gas, according to customer requirements and properties of the substance.

For a list of chemicals available below, the purity is calculated for metallic impurities eg 99.999% (5N), meaning 10 mg / kg (ppm) of metallic impurities. An analytical certificate of the current batch, including trace metal impurities measured by ICP-MS / OES or AAS, is attached to each delivery.

Chemical catalog High purity inorganics (.pdf) High purity inorganics (.xlsx)

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